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PIM is a workflow management system born from our experience in packaging development. A work-one-way method with 5 simple steps

PIM gives clients a perfect overview and a firm grip on the process

  • Collect info
  • Design and creation
  • Artwork and litho
  • Print production
  • Distribution

PIM stands for: Packaging Intelligence Management

‘Overview through simplicity gives you grip. Grip on time, grip on quality and of course … grip on costs.’

Only manage
what goes

reasons why you’d want to use PIM

  • firm grip on process (Time Quality Costs)
  • developed from practical experience
  • real time information, available 24/7 worldwide
  • measurable & manageable KPI’s
  • start and run projects with minimum of effort
  • 1 source of information / 1 single source of truth
6. We guide, no training required 5. We bring back the flow 4. We take care of a smooth transition 3. We implement 2. We make it as clear as crystal 1. We look at the process
You control the
process speed

Pim is user-friendly
You only see what's relevant to you.

If this is clear to you, you can now decide to:

  • keep on producing like you always do…
  • tell your staff to work more efficiently in the future!
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